Rupali Juneja : Empowering women from all walks of life

Written by admin January 15, 2018 0 comment

Over the last few decades, the rights of women have changed beyond all recognition. The sheer number of awe-inspiring women all over the world have challenged the status quo time and again and have stimulated other women to come forward from all walks of life. Many female role models have had a great influence on advancing women’s economic empowerment by helping them change their complete mindset about life.

Here is celebrating women with an inspiring story of a phenomenal individual, Rupali Juneja, (Founder of Ecstasy Exports) breaking conventions left, right, and center, by working towards the empowerment of women.

Rupali has always been a strong-willed woman who has immensely contributed towards the upliftment of women living in rural areas giving them confidence and a sense of self-worth. She stood up for what she believed like no one else did. She truly believes that the power and capability of women, in general, are enormous.

Women have to play a very critical role because by the next decade we will have 75 million women getting into the workforce in India. At present, India has only about 27 percent of women in the workforce and we have to take it to the world average of 48 percent.

Simply through being compassionate, caring, and charitable, Rupali has made a visible change in the overall condition of rural women. She shot to fame as an HR Professional when her ability to emotionally connect with her clients struck a chord and since then the graph has risen upwards from strength to strength.

She has a knack for travel and loves to inspire people she meets during her voyage. Encouraging people to follow their passion and achieve their ambitions in life has always been her motto. Her conscious effort of educating women about craft-making as another means of making economical gains has been notable. She has made women self-sufficient by creating handicrafts and helping them flip to urban areas to make a living.

The journey however hasn’t been smooth and there have been multiple challenges at the grass-root level, including illiteracy and women who must seek approval from their spouse. Thankfully, she has never looked back. Rupali’s major contribution lies in fostering the unsung women; providing recognition to them for their incredible work; as she is always looking for ways to empower women to make them agents of positive change. She believes that if the right opportunities are given to women, they can outperform men in every field.

She is a role model for many. She has taken the pledge forward by pushing women to follow their passion and being empathic towards those facing criticism and resistance for their decisions and choices. She has come far but there is still a lot of ground to cover.

Rupali refuses to live life as a typical ‘invalid’. In her own words, ‘A woman can be two things – what she is and what she WANTS to be!” The intent with which she is forging ahead would most certainly bring about a revolution. More power to you!