Meet the face behind ethical & eco-friendly gifts at Ecstasy Exports

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Before you toss an item in the bin, think of creative ways to recycle it. Turn your trash into treasure. Folks are turning computer chips into pendants and earrings. Old pillow bags can be transformed into tote bags too. When it comes to recycling, sky is the limit! If at some point you start composting, remember it’s a great way to reduce organic waste.

Do you constantly search for new items that will not only help us to protect the environment but will also add an extra something to your home or office! If you’re actively looking for a whole range of everyday and special occasion products to promote sustainable and eco-friendly choices, meet Rupali Juneja – Founder of Ecstasy Exports to enlarge your perspective on key parameters such as recycle, reduce, reuse, and reconnect.


Ecstasy Exports fulfilled a long-standing dream of Rupali Juneja back in 2017. It also brought together her personal commitments to respecting the environment and supporting eco-friendly, organic and sustainable products! Although she has a rich 10 year of HR background, her belief that every waterfall starts with a single drop of water made her one of the known personalities when we talk about Recycled and Eco-friendly Gifting.


On asking her the idea behind this recycling thought, she answers in a sentence, “At Ecstasy Exports, we love oceans, animals, trees and people! We are driven by our desire to make a difference.” Her aim has always been to offer customers products that are not only stylish and contemporary, but that have also been produced without exploiting people, animals or the environment. Every gifting product has a story to tell and proudly supports “Make in India” initiative. Every product can be into one or many of the following categories such as Sustainable, Natural, Handmade, or Organic.

  • Sustainable – Products from sustainable materials or because they encourage sustainable behaviour. Sustainable materials are those that are manufactured from crops that have a minimal long-term effect on the environment, and in some cases even have a positive effect. Bamboo and Jute products are a great example of this.
  • Natural – At Ecstasy Exports, the team makes sure to find out exactly what goes in a product before buying it so you can be assured that everything we say is natural really is natural and is good for you too. It also ensured that the gifts contain no animal products and where possible no synthetic ingredients.
  • Hand Made –Handmade gifts are special and celebrate the craft of the creator! At Ecstasy Exports, you can find a wide range of hand made products across many different categories – from handbags that are hand woven, printed and sewn to soaps that are hand mixed and cut in small workshops.
  • Organic – Organic farming relies solely on the natural ecosystem to ensure a crop such as Organic Cotton grows successfully – avoiding the mass use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, and therefore encouraging a more natural environment for both people and animals.

Wrapping it up 

Recycling is a way of life. It’s something your whole family can do and be excited about. By teaching yourself to take an active role in minimizing waste, you’re contributing to a greener future. Ecstasy Exports believes small and consistent acts of mindfulness make a huge difference. So, they are keeping their green eyes peeled for new and exciting additions to their gifting store. If you are a supplier, or if you have a recommendation for a product you would like us to feature, get in touch with them at